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Board and Governance

Our governance framework includes our Code of Conduct, which was revised and updated during the year and a separate Anti-Bribery Policy, also adopted by the Board, are key to the way in which we work both in respect of our relationships with our customers and regulators and also with our colleagues across multiple jurisdictions.

The Board is therefore committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance, which it considers to be central to the effective stewardship of the business and to maintaining the confidence of stakeholders. Along with other companies, in order to keep up the momentum of improving governance, we need to move beyond simple compliance, to ensuring that we have in place an appropriate governance structure that ensures the Company protects the sustainability of its businesses and the communities in which it operates, while maximising shareholder value and treating all shareholders fairly. The Board also sets the tone for the Company.

In developing our framework for corporate governance and managing our business, the Board needs to strike a careful balance to ensure that shareholders and other stakeholders are appropriately protected by robust processes and procedures while providing an environment that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit that allows our senior management team and employees to continue to deliver the exceptional growth they have achieved over the recent past. Our approach, therefore, needs to enable us to clearly focus on the key risks facing the Group and be flexible enough in our approach to accommodate changes resulting from developments in our strategy or changes in the regulatory environment.

We have set out in the following sections how we seek to manage the principal risks and uncertainties facing the business, more details on our governance framework and have sought to explain how our corporate governance practises support our strategy.

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